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Engineering Resource Consulting Limited is a Kenyan Company founded on the principles of:

  • Outstanding project delivery by maximizing client service and
  • Providing quality deliverables.

The principals of the firm came from varying backgrounds and business sectors, which gave them a unique opportunity to create a special company. The Principals have however known each other and worked together during their tenures with previous firms.

After working for an average of more than 7 years in the Kenyan Energy Sector a decision was made that the timing was right to pool their resources and create a Company that shared the underlining common mission, "Providing outstanding project delivery by maximizing client service and quality". 

Although their backgrounds, capabilities, and client bases varied, they collectively offered layered experiences across service lines and understood the necessity to minimize expenditures while maximizing the potential for growth through hard work and collaboration.

The collaborative effort was made easier through their established relationships; however, they understood that perseverance to the utmost degree was going to be a challenge to grow the company in an economic downturn.

They also realized that a level of trust for each other and the business plan was required to create the opportunity for success.

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